Join us in bringing a lot more positivity to the world.


*Remember, these internships are about experimenting and trying new things!

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Video/Audio editing Internship

We are covering a lot with SubletInn roommates, as well as other interns throughout Chicago. We want to cover everything! Events, interviews, highlights, conversations. It's all about catching those authentic moments that are best shared with the world.

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Social Media Internship

Honestly, this job is more about social reverse-engineering than just figuring out what hashtags to put. This is more of an experimental role for learning how to take advantage of social media and push our content (videos, interviews, stories, etc) into the eyes of those that would love it. (example below)


Can't find something that fits you?

If you feel there is something you can contribute to Subletinn, please reach out! Let us know what's on your mind.