Social Media Internship

Honestly, this job is more about social reverse-engineering than just figuring out what hashtags to put. This is more of an experimental role for learning how to take advantage of social media and push our content (videos, interviews, stories, etc) into the eyes of those that would love it. (example below)

Example of what I mean(it's a long read but worth it):

The example I like to use is LinkedIn. A pretty straightforward website. Now let's say I want to get myself a job. I notice that the website notifies me of what some of my acquaintances have recently linked or commented on. But not just any acquaintances, it's those that have liked my posts, or I have messaged recently. Then I notice that these same activities would appear on my NewsFeed. Now i notice every once in a while I find a post that goes something like this (the format is called ‘broetry’):

I've gotten rejections from 20 companies that I love, but I won't give up. I'm committed!
I've gone through so much these past 4 years, worked on 4 different projects, learned so much. I know I can do so much work in the veterinary field .

.... You get the point.

And they have like 6000 likes and 40 recruiters asking them to send their resume! So put two and two together: You spend a bunch of time liking and commenting on people's posts. Then you create a post asking for opportunities - with a little flare ;) - Then ask professional friends to like and comment on your post just for encouragement. This will start the chain reaction of your post appearing on 2nd degree connection notifications and newsfeed, get more attention, get more engagement and feed the cycle. Soon you'll have professionals and recruiters reaching out.

We need you to think this way

What we are looking for:

  • Understanding of social media platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Experience running advertisement on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google

  • A mind for reverse engineering. Finding trends and understanding social media attention.

  • And eye for design! Can really bring our mission through our social front, but also need to tell us when we aren't creating good content for you to use.

  • Risk-taking, experimenting

What we can provide:

  • A look into Chicago's Tech network including incubators and founders of all breadths.

  • Access to some of the most ambitious students from all over the world, all living under one roof,

  • A summer of fun! You'll be involved all of the social events, shows, and parties that we do with the roommates we serve.

  • Access to social media influencer agencies!

Send a note, your resume, and anything else you'd like to send directly to the email!