Video/Audio editing Internship

Video: We are covering a lot with SubletInn roommates, as well as other interns throughout Chicago. We want to cover everything! Events, interviews, highlights, conversations. It's all about catching those authentic moments that are best shared with the world.

Audio: Subletinn’s unique charm presides in the personalities that stay with us. We’ve discovered that these personalities shine best when through conversations, so we decided to make a podcast! We need to record, interview, edit, and distribute these podcast created with all the different people we bring into the house.  

What we are looking for:

  • Someone who has experience filming people. These events are fast-paced and require someone who can capture these memories. The greatest framing in the world isn't worth anything if there isn't a story behind it. (We draw inspiration from Casey Neistat!)

  • Experience with fluid editing (Final Cut Pro/Premier). If it doesn't feel natural, the viewer can't be drawn into the experience.

  • Can use audio equipment and record. Quality is key in this department.

  • Experience editing (Logic Pro/etc). Syncing, editing, knowing what makes for good pacing and conversation.

What we can provide:

  • A glance into Chicago's Tech network including incubators and founders of all breadths.

  • Access to some of the most ambitious students from all over the world, all living under one roof.

  • A summer of fun! You'll be involved all of the social events, shows, and parties that we do with the roommates we serve.

  • Access to various video artists in Chicago. We have connections with people in the music video scene, commercial scene, and film scene.

  • Access to the indie music scene in Chicago. We have friends and connections, throughout the city that perform and record music.

Send a note, your resume, and anything else you'd like to send directly to the email!