The House

Francis is more than just a regular house. When you put interesting, smart, and enthusiastic people together in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Chicago, it’s bound be amazing!

It's a hot-spot for students and interns who share the same drive and motivation as each other.


$795 - $950


You will have your own room but you will share three bathrooms,
a kitchen, two common rooms, and an experience!

  • The lower floor has a bathroom, a laundry area, and a community room.

  • The first floor has a bathroom, a kitchen, and the second community room.

  • The second floor has 2 bathrooms, and a laundry area.

The kitchen is available for everyone to use. Kitchen accessories are provided. There are 5 fridges available to use by the residents (2 of them are located in the lower floor).

Laundry is provided!

The cost of a room will vary on the length of your stay. Apply for more information.

Live in the heart of Logan Square

The house is surrounded by restaurants, bars, arcades, art exhibits, and coffee shops! A 5 minute walk will leave you in-front of the Chicago Blue Line giving you easy transportation to Chicago's Loop, UIC campus, and the UIC hospital.


Places to see

Check out some of the places near the area!

Love the idea? Send us an application!