Francis House FAQ

Questions about the house:

Okay, so how many people will be living with me at Francis?

There will be a maximum of 15 people living with you at a given time.

Are these apartments?

No, this is a house and everyone has their own rooms!

Will I get my own bathroom?

The best way to get to know someone is to share a bathroom with them
Bathrooms at Francis are communal, but don't worry! They are cleaned every week!

Can I have roommates?

Nope. Francis is furnished and equipped to accomodate only 1 person per room.

Do I have to pay utilities?

Wi-Fi, gas, water, and electricity are all covered in your rent!

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes, there are two sets of operated machines. One in the lower floor and one in the second floor.

Can I have pets?


Is the house/room furnished?

Yep! All of the rooms come with a bed set, desk, lamp, chair, and storage area. The public spaces such as the kitchen and living room are fully furnished.

How big are the rooms?

The sizes of the rooms vary, each with its unique feel and dimensions.

Is it cozy + friendly?

The backbone to Francis is definitely the community we've built here. We have an application process to make sure the we cultivate a great and diverse community. There's a spirit of self governance here where everyone who lives here is responsible for themselves and others' well being. The house itself has a modern decor that's great for hanging out. So yes! Francis is definitely one of the best places to be at!

Questions about Location

How far is the train/bus stop from Francis?

The California and Western CTA stops are about a 5 minute walk away. This trian will take you directly into downtown in 15 minutes, or O'Hare in 30 minutes!

What's the area like surrounding Francis?

We are lucky to be in the middle of two of the best spots in Chicago! Right in the heart of Logan Square (and so close to Wicker Park), there's a never ending supply of bars, resturaunts, clubs, concert venues, coffee shops, book shops, art gallaries, fitness centers, and everything else under the sun.

Questions about the People

What kind of people live at Francis?

We attract international and local individuals, wanting to find a community inside Chicago. We attract tech interns, art students, political activists, singers, dancers, filmers, dreamers, writers, or anyone and anyone with ambition. What we look for in our application is passion and creativity which we believe will translate into a community full of interesting and fun people to be around. We encourage friendships at Francis, and it's our hope that here at Francis, you'll not only find people to enjoy Chicago with, but lifelong friendships from all around the world.

How do I know I'll fit in and get along with everyone in the house?

The reason why we have an application process is to ensure there's a diverse range of people, but to make sure everyone coming into the house understand the community spirit we are trying to create. There'll be a lot of different personalities in one house, but we believe that because everyone that lives at Francis genuinely wants to be there and support each other, it'll all work out.

Questions about Payments

Can I renew my stay?

Rooms are rented out based on a one month, two month, three month package, or four month package. If you would like to stay beyond the length of stay you've chosen, simply let us know at least a month ahead of time and you'll renew your lease.

If I only stay for part of the month, can I get refunded for the days I didn't use?

Unfortunately, Francis House is at a month-per-month basis. You must pay for the month of stay regardless of the package you've chosen. For example, if you move out on the the 20th of the month, you must still pay for that full month. This is to keep the move in and move out process simple since we have a lot of rotation of roommates.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit lets us know two things:

1) Lets us reserve the room for you.

2) The landlord isn't in trouble if you mess something up and leave.

So when can I move in?

Since rooms are rented by the calendar month, you technically have that entire month to move in!